Thanks everyone!

Scott Blackwood answering questions about his work
Jenny with readers Cortez and Audrey
Ellie Blackwood with her father, Scott
Good turnout for Scott Blackwood
Keryn Stewart reading
Chris, author of Cleared for Weird, presented a new story at last night’s reading

Last night was a blast. Scott Blackwood treated Tamale Hut Cafe patrons to the opening chapter from his new book in progress, as well as reading from his last book We Agreed to Meet Just Here. People loved his stories so much, Scott sold all the books he brought.

We also had some new readers participate in open mic: John Wirtz regaled us with an Ode to Bacchus; Keryn Stewart and her friend Matt also read poetry including a collaborative poem they created playing word games over email.

At the end of the night, Scott commented that Jaime’s tamales and chicken tinga were awesome and wished there was a location downtown so he could pick up Tamale Hut Cafe tamales and tinga at lunch or after work. We told him to not be a stranger and come out to our next reading. There’s always more room for tamales, tinga and tall tales.

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