Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference in Chicago SOLD OUT

Association of Writers & Writing Programs (more commonly known as AWP) is a writing organization that mainly promotes the work of writers, teachers and writing programs across the country. Each year they hold a large conference where writers and educators from all over the world come to share ideas and discuss work. This year is in Chicago from Feb. 29th to March 3rd, but registration for AWP has sold out.

Before you say, “Oh no, I wanted to go!” ask yourself what’s the other thing writers like to do aside from share ideas and discuss their work? Not crochet (although they do like making hats and scarves), they like to party! We know at the Tamale Hut when you get a bunch of writers together watch out, something might catch on fire.

Many of the extracurricular events and parties for AWP are open to the public; so you can hob nob with writers from both near and far.

To see what is going on around town go to the Off-Site Event page on the AWP website.