Updates on Former Featured Readers: Marcia Brenner Launches New Blog

Hi everyone,

We are going to start posting news about our former featured readers on the blog. What they’re up to, if there’s a new book out, etc. If you have read as a showcased reader, drop us a line and we’ll post about it.

Marcia Brenner read back in September 2008 and emailed us about her new blog Great Balancing Act which discusses her “Pilates business [and focuses] on that neverending search for balancing in all things.”

From her website: “Marcia Brenner is a teacher of creative writing and Pilates, and a former Weight Watcher Meeting Leader who lost 90 pounds on the program between 2005-2007.  She is an adjunct faculty member of the Fiction Writing Department at Columbia College Chicago where she has taught since 2002. She teaches Pilates mat and equipment classes at Frog Temple in Chicago, IL, and is also a specialist in Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates.”

Thanks for the update Marcia!