Christopher Krazmus Reads Saturday May 19th @ 7pm

The moon follows Chris wherever he goes.

Tamale Hut Cafe’s own Christopher Krazmus reads from his self-published Selected THC Readings.

For the past eight years Christopher Krazmus has been helping immigrants and extended-stay visitors here in the USA from all over the world improve their English language and better understand America’s unique way of life. He has worked with frightened asylum seekers and cocky global businessmen; manual laborers with little education and doctors working on advanced research; underpaid domestic help and self-made entrepreneurs. He is fascinated by novelty and distance, whether great or small; geographical, cultural, or chronological.

Writing has been a hobby of his (on and off) since late childhood and he’s been an active participant and regular open-mike reader at Tamale Hut Cafe Presents since its beginnings in early 2007. His self-published short story collection, Selected THC Readings, is a collection of short stories he’s read here. The stories are based on his experience with foreignness, whether his own, other people’s, or imaginary; in the USA, Europe, on Earth or elsewhere.

BYOB and bring an open mind ready to be stretched to the limits of imagination, or at least in that direction.

Hope to see y’all there.

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  1. Hello to all out there … come hear and meet a very interesting and “cool” guy. In the pic. that is not the moon – but a flying saucer. I know it is!

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