THC Reading Series Alumni Update: Bernard M.Cox


For some time, Bernard M. Cox–better known as “Bernie” or “Bern”–served not only as a staple of the THC Reading Series open mic but also as the program’s Assistant Artistic Director, helping Jenny find new readers for each month’s event and establish a social media presence for the gatherings (including this blog!). This past September, Tamale Hut Cafe had to say farewell to Bernie as he and his lovely wife, Robyn, pulled up stakes and headed west to San Diego. We’re pleased to share, however, that Bernie is still going strong with his writing and has begun releasing his short stories in e-book format for all to enjoy. The first of his planned releases, “The Memory of a Salt Shaker,” is currently available on both Smashwords and Amazon Kindle devices. This was the story that was nominated for the Million Writers Award last year, so what are you waiting for? Go enjoy it already!