Spring Break! Wooo!

Party! Party! Party!

I know what I risk by posting this today, but no fooling: Tamale Hut Cafe Presents is on spring break this month. We won’t be holding a reading during the month of April, but rest assured that we have a fantastic group of featured readers to bring you in the months afterward, including Robert Rodi on May 25 and Michael Penkas on June 29. Keep an eye on this space for more information as each reading approaches!

In the meantime, a few of our regulars are likely to be attending C2E2 during the weekend of April 26-28, and at least two of our group plan on hitting the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention during weekend of April 12-14. And if you need to take care of a hankering to hear some fine authors read, Chicago has no shortage of such events; Gumbo Fiction Salon and Brendan Detzner’s fine Bad Grammar Reading Series are two that a number of us have enjoyed. Going to any of these events? Want to share in our geeky excitement? Let us know in the comments below!