Tamale Hut Cafe Writers’ Group: Special Detail

DSCN1345[The THC Reading Series and its offshoot, the THC Writers Group, offer writers chances to share their work and at the same time enjoy some friendly conversation. Human beings interacting: that’s what it’s all about. Here with some thoughts about how we communicate in these amazing times in which we live is our very special guest blogger (and regular contributor to both the reading series and the writers group), Chris Krazmus.]

The first five words to be spoken over Skype were: “Tere, kas sa kuuled mind?” (“Hello, can you hear me?” in English) by a member of the Estonian development team.

That was in April 2003. Today, 31-million people the world over freely use the marvel to communicate, face-to-face, for countless purposes, from global business meetings (a micro-finance investor can see and hear a pitch and PowerPoint presentation from an entrepreneur on the other side of the world); to connecting diaspora families (Gramma and Grampa in Warsaw can watch little Andy grow up in Chicago); to the cheapest and most convenient date there’s ever been (a guy and the gal across town can go steady easy—while they can’t neck in the parking lot, they can see each other’s eyes and gestures while they watch the latest viral on You Tube together and share the ordinary details of their ordinary days a lot more often than they’d be able to meet up for an hour or two at Starbuck’s on a random weeknight).

Here at THC, Skype is used on a monthly basis by the THC Writers’ Group.

Bernie Cox (published author and creative writing teacher in the California college system), formerly of Berwyn and founder of the original group, joins the meetings via Skype. He and his lovely wife Robyn moved to San Diego in August 2012; since then he’s remained a crucial member of the THC Writers’ Group, bringing his exceptional talent and education, experience and insight from 2000 miles away.

The first time the Group used Skype the folks in North Riverside were given a tour of Bernie and Robyn’s beautiful home and striking view in sunny Southern California, then he got a look at the dreary rain outside and the latest vibrant art exhibit on display inside the cafe—Tamale Hut Cafe—that hosts the monthly literary entertainment event—THC Reading Series—and the Writers’ Group where he brings so much to the table. DSCN1340

This was the impossible—majic!—for everyone on Earth ever until now. Even today, for most people—all of us born before 1980—this kind of Star Trek tech seemed five-hundred years in the future. These take place almost without a glitch (sometimes during the two-hour meetings the audio garbles and the video pixelates for five or ten seconds) thousands of miles apart for no money at all. We live in amazing times.

Skype is a revolutionary aspect of the modern world and a cool and important one in the THC Writers’ Group. Like our brave new global village, everyone is from everywhere in this diverse grassroots and distant branches fun, social, and highly helpful growing entity, this sentence in this blog entry itself written in complex jazzy metaphor as any writer is praised for writing here with the same verve with which members encourage each other’s most literal literature, off-the-wall poetry, or whatever else anyone wants to write and present here.

The THC Writers’ Group is proud to be on the cutting edge of 21st century communication as well as connected to the THC Reading Series, the longest-running event of its kind in Chicago’s SW suburban area, and of course connected to Tamale Hut Cafe, a great place for social cultural events and the best tamales on Earth!