THC Reading Series Presents the Winners of the THC Writing Competition, Saturday, June 14 @ 7 PM

Something a little different this month for the Tamale Hut Cafe Reading Series: not one, not two, but three featured readers, and a night of prizes and surprises.

Earlier this year, Chris Krazmus, a familiar face around Tamale Hut Cafe, launched the first ever Tamale Hut Cafe Writing Competition. Saturday, June 14, will be the date that the winners are announced, and they’ll be announced as part of this month’s THC Reading Series event, with the first, second, and third-place contestants getting called up to the mic to share their prize-winning stories.

The entries were judged by three esteemed Chicago-area writing professionals and friends of the Tamale Hut Cafe Reading Series:

Photo of Robert RodiRobert Rodi is the author of nine novels (most recently Baby), two memoirs (most recently Seven Seasons In Siena), and one volume of literary criticism (Bitch In A Bonnet: Reclaiming Jane Austin From the Snobs, The Stiffs, The Simps, And The Saps). He has just self-published his first Young Adult novel, Parallel U., under the name Dakota Rusk. He is also an accomplished spoken-word performer and musician. He lives in Chicago with an alarming number of dogs and, somewhere among all that fur, a husband. He is old enough that if you ask where he was when Kennedy was assassinated, he will tell you. So. Don’t ask. You should, however, check out his site:

Photo of Regina BuccolaRegina Buccola is an Associate Professor of English and a Core Faculty Member of Women’s and Gender Studies at Roosevelt University. She has a PhD in English Literature (with a concentration in Women’s Studies) from University of Illinois at Chicago, as well as a MA in English Literature from the University of Kentucky, and a BA in English and Journalism. She teaches more classes than there are fingers on both hands, and has been an enthusiastic supporter of this writing competition, providing indispensable guidance and advice. Feel free to check out her full profile on the Roosevelt site: You can also follow her on Twitter: @thelittleprof

Photo of Tina JensTina Jens teaches the Fantasy Writing courses at Columbia College-Chicago .Her short stories have appeared in numerous mass market and small press publications. the former editor and producer for Twilight Tales, she is a three-time Bram Stoker Award nominee; an International Horror Guild Award nominee; and winner of the National Federation of Press Women’s Award for Best Novel.

Come for the prize winners; stay for the open mic afterward! The reading begins at 7 p.m., and food and drink will be available for purchase. And as always, Tamale Hut Cafe is located at 8300 W. Cermak Road in North Riverside.

See you on June 14th!