THC Reading Series Celebrating 10 Years!

THC Reading Series is celebrating our 10th Anniversary! Join us on Saturday, January 14th at 7pm. Our featured reader will be our founder, Jenny Seay.

Jenny is a native Chicagoan whose love for words and stories took root before she could fully speak or write them. She spent her childhood immersing herself in the pages of her favorite fictional worlds, until she realized she had a knack for creating alternate realities of her own.

Eventually she earned two Creative Writing degrees from Columbia College Chicago, which wasn’t the most practical life path, but it allowed her to gain a few publishing and editing credits, and learn enough about event planning to launch Tamale Hut Cafe Presents as a monthly reading series. Her most recent piece can be found in “Working Stiff: The Anthology of Professional Wrestling Literature and Art,” available online through Gimmick Press.

And she has spent the last year-and-a-half getting to know the Bay Area, where she fundraisers for UC Berkeley and chips away at her first novel in between hiking excursions.enzo-pic