Sean Parks, September Featured Reader

Join us at 7:00 pm on Saturday the 30th for poems and stories from Sean Patrick Parks.

Sean began writing seriously only three years ago, but had made a few stabs initially in his twenties, the0.jpg bulk of which can be found in his collected poems. His current output includes several short stories, a novelette, novella, and two full length novels, all self-published and available on Amazon. Between those two periods of literary creation, he’s worked as a printer, a graphic designer, a photographer, and at several other trades better left unmentioned. During that time he also managed to marry someone who turned out to be his biggest cheerleader, raise several dogs, and to settle into a comfortable life of suburban tranquility. His most fervent wish is that he live long enough to write down all the things currently swirling around in his tempestuous head, and that a few discerning souls find his output entertaining, maybe even enlightening.

After Sean reads, we will open the mic to any and all who want to share their words. As always, there is no cover charge. Tamale Hut Cafe — Supporting the Arts!