Phil and Rita, August Featured Readers

P&GLogoSmall.jpg Lucky us! Phil and Rita have agreed to be our Featured Readers this Saturday, August 25th at 7:00pm.

Phil and Rita Reebius were born on the exact same planet; they write, produce, and perform the podcast “Prehensile and Gretel”, along with their trusty dog, Barry Flavanoid. They also write stories. Tonight, they have combined their talents for good rather than evil- they come to the Tamale Hut to fill your head with frippery, temple-tappers and the occasional knuckle-biter. They hope to entertain, amuse, and charm you with the verbal products of their intertwined souls. Just remember, the planet they were born on may not be the one you consider home. Phil and Rita have been together for almost 28 years and consider their relationship completely normal, which is good. For this evening, Rita and Phil will be reading a variety of pieces created individually and as a team. They hope you attend and enjoy the evening, and maybe also read something you have written during the open mic that follows their presentation.


Phil’s Classmate in a Creative Writing Class once said about Phil:


“Whoever wrote this needs to seek psychological help”.

Someone once said to a friend of Rita’s about Rita:

“Who was that snaky bitch I saw you with last night?”

Interesting facts:

Phil was a Boy Scout.

Rita got kicked out of Girl Scouts for balancing a cookie on her nose.

They are made for each other.


As always, there is free parking and no cover. Tamale Hut — Supporting the Arts!