Chris Krazmus — September Featured Reader

We’re pleased to welcome Chris Krazmus as he reads from his new short story coffee table collection  What things we can do… this Saturday, September 22nd. The evening begins at 7:00 pm .

Christopher is just another of the so very many THC Supporting the Arts success stories. He writes stories about friendship and travel; little adventures and good deeds; and other things that make life meaningful, plus some science fiction and art and fashion review, and will be presenting from his new (his fourth) short story coffee table book collection,

Chris has been a hobbyist fiction writer on and off all his life since he was a small guy—grammar school back in the 1970s! Apart from a few a few high school and college classroom presentations, and to a few close friends over the years, he’d never shared his work anyone.

He attended THC Presents: the Reading Series for his first time in 2007 and, inspired by the great event featuring a fantastic local writer showcasing his work, Krazmus took out an old story, spruced it up, and presented it at the next event. Thrilled by the experience, he became a regular participant and open-miker—writing a new story for each month—and in 2011 he published his first short story collection, Selected THC Readings.

Before that exciting event, he’d never thought of his writing as more than a private pastime, then suddenly there was new and exciting meaning that could come from his hobby. That massive inspiration taken from his very first time has continued uninterrupted over all these years since and by now it’s hundreds of people who’ve heard his words, and it must hundreds of thousands of them he’s written, so much in part because of this Hut.

Copies of the new series and of the first three collections will be available for sale, with all proceeds going to THC Supporting the Arts.