Christopher Krazmus

Christopher Krazmus is a local hobbyist writer who has been involved with THC’s Reading Series since shortly after it began in 2007. The first event he attended here (featuring Chicago playwright and musician Paul Barile) deeply inspired him, and that night he penned notes for what he’d read at the Hut the next month. He’d never written a short story before…by now (Summer 2017) it’s almost a hundred the Kraz has written. Many of them are available in his two self-published short story collections (on Amazon), and many more in his–in collaboration with international fashion and figure photographer Mystery Vogue–growing series of coffee table short story-picture books (available through the Cafe). He can also be seen presenting selected material on YT, and of course in person at THC Presents. He wouldn’t have written a word of it had the restaurant and its literary event not come to be. Thanks indeed Jaime Flores, Jenny Seay, and THC Supporting the Arts;-)

(This guy can’t concentrate on his writing if he’s hungry, and hotdawg a tamale special with a Coke sure is an inspiration!)

Christopher Krazmus presenting at the Reading Series, May 15, 2015:

Condition One’s “Defender”, featuring spoken word by Christopher Krazmus, circa 2005: