Jaime Flores

Jaime Flores believes in supporting the community through supporting the arts and education. In 2007 Jaime opened Tamale Hut Cafe’s door to the monthly Reading Series it’s been offering ever since. Over the decade-plus it’s been running, more than a hundred Chicagoland, national, and international writers–some of significant acclaim–have presented their work there. Authors are encouraged to sell their products, and many have chosen to donate their proceeds to an NFP/cause of Jaime’s choosing. It’s a small part of the restaurant’s large, ongoing efforts in supporting NFP organizations to strengthen the community through supporting the arts. Many writers from the area and beyond have presented their stories and poetry at the open-mike that follows the lively intermission. Local fokes getting together through the arts…and tamales!

THC also coordinates an art gallery; standup comedy nights; a writers group; musical performances; and topic presentations that make you think twice.

Jaime was taught to make tamales and other delicious homemade foods by his Uncle Tony (Tio) and Aunt Emma (Tia). Well-schooled in the art of making homemade tamales and other foods, THC offers customers a delightful home-cooked family dining experience for a reasonable price, and pledges the following:

Tamale Hut Cafe will address the needs of manufacturing quality tamales and serving them to customers in a safe, clean, and inviting environment.

Tamale Hut Cafe will produce other Hispanic products for customers and introducing them to how these products can be used and enjoyed to enhance their eating experience.

Contact Jaime at Tamale Hut Cafe: 708-442-0948, or email: jflores@tamalehutcafe.com